Supper Club

Supper Club Fall 2017: Raud, Chapter III+IV

9 October 2017

Dear Supper Clubbers,

The new semester is about to begin and the Supper Club will resume its activities - for those of you that not have attended yet, see the rules attached.

Breaking with our usual habit, we will read and discuss in the first half of the semester an ambitious, intriguing and most importantly short (!) book: Raud, Rein (2016): Meaning in Action. Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture. Cambridge; Malden: Polity. The second half will be - as usual -devoted to the discussion of manuscripts written by our participants. There are already some interested, but we still have open spots. Preferential treatment is given to regular participants of the Supper Club - and those that weren't able to present their texts at other venues.

This semester, we will meet on Mondays, every second week, at 7pm in room 3.70. There will be pizza and tea, as always. And the opportunity to continue the discussion over a beer or a glass of wine. 

The tentative schedule for this semester is the following:

September 25: Raud, Introduction, Chapter I+II (attached)

October 9: Raud, Chapter III+IV

October 23: Raud, Chapter V+VI, Conclusion

November 6: Open Session I

November 20: Open Session II

December 4: Open Session III

We can schedule additional sessions, if necessary. Please let me know if you want to be taken off this email-list or if you know someone, who is interested in participating in the Supper Club.

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